Peters Design Company is a creative branding and design agency based in the heart of the Midwest. We offer a distinctive design aesthetic and engaging messaging that is both genuine and thought provoking. Everything we create is crafted with care and excellence in mind.

Our design aesthetic is influenced by the great thinkers of the past. We have a deep admiration for a time when craftsmanship was king and artists took great pride in their trade. Designs were handmade and this impeccable quality still lives on today. Our aim is to bring back this dedication to craft in our own work.

We are a different kind of branding agency; built on authenticity not complacency, craft not indifference, integrity not insincerity. Central to our collaborative process is an earnest desire to get to know our clients. Everything we create is infused with a distinctiveness that is uniquely personal to each of our partners.


Lets talk: allan@allanpeters.com

Allan Peters | CO-Founder and CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER


Allan Peters is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Peters Design Company. At PDCo he has partnered with brands such as Nike, Amazon and Patagonia. His work has been recognized internationally by numerous award shows and magazines including Clio, Communication Arts and How Magazine. In 2013 he was named a “Person to Watch” by Graphic Design Magazine. As the founder of the Badge Hunting movement and author of the largest design blog in the Midwest, he is devoted to inspiring others to hone their craft and do good work. Allan has been invited to speak about his story and design process all around the country at places like Facebook, Disney and AIGA National. He is a lover of handcrafted vintage and antique goods and comes alive when scouring small town antique malls and swap meets. In his free time he can be found on his bike with two boys in the trailer exploring the city.




Maria has always had a penchant for words and a thirst for knowledge. Even as a small child she was a natural-born storyteller who questioned everything and wanted to understand the universe. With a background in design, marketing and advertising she delights in partnering with brands to solve problems in unique and inventive ways. When she is not writing or mentoring her children, she can be found in the kitchen, lifting weights or enjoying the outdoors.


Allan and Maria are running their business and raising their family the old-fashioned way, rooted in their Christian faith. Along with running a wildly successful branding and design agency, they homeschool their children on their one-third-of-an-acre homestead in the heart of the Minneapolis suburbs. They enjoy living a slower pace of life in harmony with art, nature and the environment.